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Welcome to The Future is Green!

We live in a complicated world.  It takes a lot of effort to see what´s happening in it every day and not get depressed. Anyone with a minimum of sensitivity can´t stop worrying about the path  humanity is taking. However, I myself, want to be an optimistic, against the great pesimism that floats in the air these days, about the future of the planet.

I have decided to take my position on the side of the "half full glass" instead of the "half empty glass". I prefer to think that people are going to learn, to get informed, to think things over, and that they are going to do everything in their power to make this Earth of ours a better place to live. At least I want to believe it´s going to be that way.

And to reach that goal, we have to start with ourselves. If we get to know our bodies, our minds, and their needs, we wil also be able to respect each other, and consequently, the planet. I know that we still have to deal with the huge problems humanity is suffering, like hunger, major diseases, wars, and the lack of respect for human and animal rights. But I still choose to think positive, I choose to try and do everything I possibly can to make myself a better person, to take care of the environment, to respect people and animals, and to spread these ideals. That would be my contribution to a better future for everyone.

Many people do the wrong things out of ignorance. It is my belief that all of us who have chosen the natural philosophy, eg. respect to the environment, animals and Mother Nature, natural foods, etc, have the obligation to spread the word. Without endoctrination, without criticism, without imposing or patronising. Only with kindness and understanding for the ones who do not understand or do not want to understand. Their time will come, but to act with kindness is the first seed we´ll plant in them.

This is the philosophy of respect, tolerance, and love for everything this wonderful planet is giving us. The philosopy of he who knows that every resource we have at our reach is borrowed. We do not have the ownership of this planet, although most governments and multinationals think they do.

Lets then educate our children in that respect, so they will grow up to be loving and compassionate, and finally get to repair all the damage we´ve done. That way, hopefully, they will be able to enjoy the beauty, the majesty, and the generosity of this planet called Earth.

In my daily life I get to meet more and more people who are genuinely worried about this subject, people who are ready to know more, to be able to help or contribute in any way. We can see them everywhere now: helping people with handicaps or problems, rescuing a stray animal, trying to keep the environment clean, being tolerant, patient and understanding, colaborating in campaigns for fair causes, buying fair commerce, free range, and organic produce, being kind to other people, recycling, taking care of their health with ecological products to contribute to the planet´s sustainability, being vegetarian and vegan, etc, etc.



Life always renews itself

 On each of those actions, no matter how small, we can distinguish a person who wants to do good, who´s beggining to be conscious of the situation, or is already aware. That´s where everything starts. And we must all make sure that this is the way we take if we want to make a difference. Once you start, it´s very difficult to go back to the old ways. On the contrary, the path is full of challenges and satisfactions. Every effort has its compensation. And there is no better compensation than knowing you´re doing the right thing, that you´re on the right side.

Many people will tell you "well, what´s the point, no one does it"... In that case, my favourite answer is: "I prefer to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem".

For all those reasons, I am convinced that THE FUTURE WILL BE GREEN.

A very affectionate greeting to all visitors to this website, and I hope you enjoy it. If you have any suggestions, or you want to share your opinion (as long as it´s respectful), please contact me and let me know.


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