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There are places that make us forget our problems, that remind us of long gone times, when life was so different from the madness we live in today. These are places to escape to, where we can find ourselves again, where we can feel as one with nature, and we will be spoilt, so we can go back to our routines with our batteries well charged.

Those charming places deserve a special mention and a special page. Not only because they are picturesque and delicious, but also because of the people that make them possible, that receive us with warmth and kindness, and make us feel at home. It wouldn´t be the same without them!

From these pages, my homage goes out to those people that are there not only to make a living, but to give their best so their guests leave feeling happy, relaxed, and wanting to go back.

Little by little, this section will be getting together addresses of these type of enchanting places. I hope it will help when you look for your ideal rural holiday.




Mallorca (Spain)


Amongst other adjectives I can think of when talking about Sant Blai, I cannot think of anything more accurate than "charming", because this place has huge doses of charm. I would also call it adorable, lovable, sugestive, kind... and I assure you I do not get paid for this! But I know the place well. I have spent a few nights there, and I have also experienced first hand, the TLC that the hosts, Marta and Roger, put in everything that surrounds their guests. Warm, inviting rooms, peaceful atmosphere that invites daydreaming, the smallest detail is taken care of to please all our senses.

Amongst other services, the hotel offers its guests a beautiful pool and gardens, a meeting room with games and dvd´s, a library that´s located at a rustic and interesting tower, an observatory where you can watch the stars during the wonderful Mallorcan nights, and all kinds of animals, like dogs, cats, donkeys, a pony, hens, rabbits, etc.

At last, the ideal place to forget everything and to go back to nature, with a good book, a good rest, and like Italians say, "El dolce far niente" (literally, "sweet doing nothing"). For the more active ones, there´s always the wonderful beach of Es Trenc nearby, excursions, cycling, visits to the city, etc. Whatever you decide to do, I recommend this place 100%!

To see more photos and find out more, don´t miss their web and their blog, where they tell us about daily life in Sant Blai. There you´ll find detailed information, pictures, links, and many interesting things.









Aragon Pyrenees

CASA ARTIO (Ansó, Huesca)

I can´t think of a more impressive, idyllic, and quiet environment, without leaving Spain, than the Pyrenees. And although the whole of the spanish pyrenaic area is beautiful, in this case, my preferences lean towards the Pyrenees of the community of Aragon. At the heart of the Pyrenees, hidden between the mountains, and located near three natural parks, we find the village of Ansó, considered and "historic and artistic area".

The town itself is a delicious surprise for the traveller. The beautiful houses, recuperated and maintained in perfect state, stand majestic and solemn, telling us about their ever present history, seen on their doors and windows, where we can observe religious and popular symbols mixed together.

From its streets emanates a magic that captures and transports you to long gone times. And what to say about the wonderful surroundings, with the fantastic routes that will astonish us whatever the season.

In winter, for the mistery and majesty of the snowy mountains. In spring, for the beautiful and green prairies and vallies, exploding with singing streams and impressive waterfalls that keep splashing the myriad of flowers growing everywhere. In autumn, for the infinite shades of warm colours that the chamaleonic forests dress themselves with, and in summr, for the brightness, and the light of its amazing nature, and the cool and magical starry nights. The contrasts are fascinating.

But we want to talk about our little rural hotel, CASA ARTIO. We will be received at this typical mountain house, restored respecting the pyrenaic style, and reformed with love and care, by Geni and Nacho, a couple that won´t be easy to forget. They make you feel at home at all times, feed you with delicious local dishes, and advise you in anything you need to know about the area, excursions, etc. And the house is so cozy (especially the attic!), that the days will slide by so quickly...!

You have a lot of literature available there, references of all the interesting places, tv and dvd (although I don´t think you´ll fancy watching tv here). Conversations with Geni and Nacho are much more interesting.

This place will be a wonderful memory when you´re gone, I assure you that.