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Crema de Belleza Pitta/Beauty Cream Pitta

Aceite Facial Pitta/Facial Oil Pitta

Crema de Belleza Vata/Beauty Cream Vata

Aceite Facial Vata/Facial Oil Vata

Crema de Belleza Kaffa/Beauty Cream Kaffa

Aceite Facial Kaffa/Facial Oil Kaffa

Crema Anti-Edad/Anti-Ageing Cream

Aceite Facial Anti Edad/Anti-Ageing Oil

Crema de Rosas/Rose Cream

Agua de Rosas/Rose Water

            Serum Oil Rose Attar

 Aceites Vegetales/Nut & Seed Oils




  The purity and delicacy of the rose




 Tibetan Symbol of Universal Harmony




 .AYURVEDA skin care defines the skin in three types


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A recent study from the University of Harvard concluded that resveratrol from the grapes is a powerful natural ingredient that promotes longevity and its an incredibly potent anti-ageing, anti-obesity, and anti-cholesterol. It prevents cancer and keeps a healthy cardiovascular system amongst other amazing qualities.

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Ayurvedic Cosmetics, 100% natural products

 Hand made, not tested on animals


BEAUTY VEDA COMPANY * Ayurveda Skin and Body Care

Natural Beauty

There are no words to describe the wonderful sensations that using these creams will bring to your skin. Made by hand, with biological ingredients, these creams and oils have been made with an extraordinary ingredient: VITALISED WATER.

This water has gone through a process that magnetises it with gold, silver, and copper. As you know, minerals are precious for the beauty and freshness of our skin and our health, and these 3 minerals supply the water with the touch of life: that´s why it´s called vitalised water. You´ll feel an amazing difference when you start using them. Your skin will appear luminous, fresh and full of life. It will recuperate its balance and glow! And if you combine these cosmetics with an optimum nutrition and lots of water, you´ll get to have a complexion like you´ve never dreamed of!

It´s not only words: natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular, and there´s a reason for that. Some people even prefer them over expensive brands in expensively designed pots. But what counts is the product, and the purity of its ingredients. Someone said once: if it has ingredients you can´t even pronounce, don´t get it. Many cosmetics these days are loaded with synthetic ingredients, artificial fragances, dangerous preservatives (like parabens), petrolatum derivatives, heavy metals and chemical ingredients which with we overload our system and cannot easily be eliminated by our bodies.

If we stop and think about the amount of products we use on our bodies every day, we´ll be able to have an idea of all the dangerous elements that penetrate in our system, and go directly to our bloodstream. The consequences go from all types of allergies, dryness of excess sebum, eccemas, rashes, to dizzyness, nausea, vomiting and even cancer.

The majority of people don´t relate certain symptoms with a possible contamination by accumulation of dangerous ingredients, therefore, as they don´t know the cause of their problem, it can´t be treated, and they continue using those same products.

Petroleum derivatives, (for example liquid paraffin, mineral oils, etc), give you an immediate, soft, unctuous feeling, making you think "this product is wonderful".  But that is only temporary and deceiving, because, in the first place, it cloggs your pores and doesn´t let your skin breathe, and second, it creates an addition in the skin, that demands more and more product, as it feels dryer and dryer. Another undesirable effect is that when the skin is not breathing can create spots, redness, itching, etc.

With natural cosmetics, those problems and side effects are non-existent. The skin simply absorbs the ingredients and utilises them to moisture and nourish the skin without clogging the pores, letting it breathe, and respecting its natural balance.

It seems then, it´s more than reasonable that the majority of skincare products we use are natural; at least 90% of the ingredients must be of botanical origin. We must also maintain a balanced diet and nourish our system with foods that help to keep our skin in good condition. It reflects what it´s going on inside us.  

The raw materials used by BEAUTYVEDACOMPANYare natural; the pure essential oils are brought from India and Germany, and are of biologic and organic origin, extracted from the plants when they are at their best. The mixtures are carefully combined to give our skin the best care.

The company uses the  GIE SYSTEM, by which the water used to mix the products is magnetised, and carries a 15% more oxygen than thermal waters. The raw materials are cold mixed.

All the process is done with love and care, and that shows. Did you know that they take 15 days to distill the rosa damascena flowers, at the moment of full bloom and maximum beauty? This ancient art of distillation of the Attar, has survived through the centuries, and it brings us the pleasure and privilege of enjoying the subtle and precious essence obtained by that method.

For all those reasons, I sincerely recommend you to give these special cosmetics a try. I found out about them, tried them, and fell in love with them! And I know that my skin is not going to suffer anymore. Your skin will be thankful too!            

If you are a professional aesthetician, masseur, beauty center or spa,  and you are interested  in BEAUTYVEDACOMPANY ´s products, contact us and we will inform you about distribution and prices for professionals.

Payment methods:  

1) Pay when you receive the package

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 With an antiquilty of more than 5000 years, it´s not only a medicine, but a complete guide to live in harmony.  AYURVEDA is a word in sanscrit that comes from “vid”, meaning knowledge, and “ayus”, life cycle. So it represents a system of knowledge and advice about daily life, and for that reason, it is also known as the "science of life".

The key of AYURVEDA, the oldest holystic system in India, lays on treating the mind, the body, and the spirit as a sole entity, to ensure a total harmony and well-being. A treatment can include therapies with oils, yoga, meditation, massages, and preventive medicine. The best of all is that it´s all natural.

According to AYURVEDA, there are three universal forces that govern our interior. They are called "doshas", and are described as "fire", "air", and "earth". The doshas interact continously inside us, but there are one or two that predominate in each person.

Each one of us is created with an innate doshic disposition that not only affects our physical characteristics, but also our mental and emotional temperament. The tipology or nature of each of us, can offer clues about the type of sicknes we have more tendency to suffer, and it can help us take the necessary measures to avoid them.


VATA (air and space)
Excessive dryness, premature wrinkles Dry, thin skin, fine pores, cold to the touch
PITTA (fire and water)
Sensitive skin, oily on the T zone, dark spots Soft and warm to the touch, balanced
KAFFA (earth and water)
Open pores, sebaceous hiper-secretion Thick skin, oily but soft, cold to the touch

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