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In spite of all the selfishness, materialism, wars, violence, and every negative quality that characterize the human race, I am convinced that something is going on in this world of ours, that can make us experience a

radical change towards our salvation. People with a different mentality are arising from every corner of the planet. Spiritual, open-minded people: sensitive, respectful and receptive; whom are feeling the weeping of Mother Earth being destroyed. It is a cry for help that hurts us deep inside.

And these people are the ones that are movilising, that are learning, and trying by every possible mean to spread the ideals and attitudes that will help us take that turn towards the correct path. On the web we can find more and more webs and blogs made by people who want to do their part to contribute towards that advancement: ecological webs, pacifists, green parties, vegetarians and vegans, animal right defenders, freethinkers, spiritualists, nature lovers, volunteers for all kinds of support organisations for the disadvantaged, writers who don´t fall under the rule of the media and the multinationals, professionals of any kind who use their position to defend the truth, etc, etc.

We are still a minority, compared with the other two groups (the ones who do wrong for money, or their own selfishness, who don´t mind the consequences; and the ignorant, who for whatever the reason,  don´t know or don´t want to know, and whose actions are automatic, a result of an indoctrination caused by a corrupt and materialistic society, or an obstinacy on a deeply-rooted custom, normally, very narrow-minded.

Both groups tend to be composed of people who, in my opinion, have received a very deficient education in every way, but especially, in what concerns respect for life. We all know that a child who´s grown up surrounded by selfishness, anger, insults, and lack of respect, is hardly going to become a compassionate and open-minded adult.

And here´s where I want to get to with these comments: the power of words and thoughts. This is something I know you all know already. Who hasn´t read a research on the subject? The words, the emotions with which we deal with people, are so important, that we can really bring someone down and cause havoc in their self-esteem just by directing our anger, insults and bad attitudes towards them continuously. We can even change their life for the worst.

I am an admirer of Jesus of Nazareth, as a person, historical figure, and as a Man with capitals. Not in the religious way, as I am absolutely not religious, but as that incredible and wonderful man, whose words and actions were so remarkable as to have left his mark throughout the centuries, on millions and millions of people. Why else said Jesus "love your enemy"? He was giving us the key to fight evil. If someone hates you and hurts you, and you respond with love and kindness, you definetely disarm them. He who has grown up surrounded by malevolence, will begin to change the moment he starts receiving love instead of hate as an answer to his actions. Obviously, here I´m talking about normal people, not psycotics or mentally ill.

An eye for an eye? No way! I know it´s extremely difficult. It´s a huge effort for me not to respond the same way to someone who´s being rude or unkind to me. But, lets think: would anyone have rememberd Jesus if, instead of his submission and forgiveness towards those who tortured and killed him, he´d had reacted by movilising his disciples and supporters and attacked those who were against him? I think it´s clear as water: nowadays, Jesus would be one more general in our history books, a fighter that may have won battles, but one who would have never marked the lives of so many millions during thousands of years.

For me, and I suppose for many people as well, the key lays in love, respect, and compassion to people, animals, and nature. I have always believed it, and as time goes by, I am more convinced of the knock-on effect of the good actions and thoughts.


Regarding this subject, there´s a research by Dr. Masaru Emoto. This Japanese investigator has shown the world his studies and photographs of the structure of water.

Doctor Masaru Emoto, a graduate in International Relations and Alternative Medicine, begun a few years ago, to study the healing properties of water. Later on, he met a Californian scientist who was investigating the subtlest vibrations of magnetic resonance. As a consequence of the work with this scientist, Emoto started wondering if he could find the way to prove scientifically, and in a visible way for everyone, the healing properties of the different types of water.

Dr. Emoto started then to photograph the structure of water in the exact point of freezing, and thanks to high-speed photography, he has shown the effects of words on the formation of the water crystals. It was a revelation! The fact that, according to him, our thoughts influence water, opens a huge world of posibilities, concerning our planet´s and our own well-being.

When the water froze, it showed exagonal crystals with different shapes and colours, depending on their procedence and purity. The samples coming from mountain rivers and streams formed beautiful crystals, whereas contaminated water or water coming from near industrialised areas showed an ugly and shapeless structure. These results took him to try all types of waters from different places around the world, concluding that the least manipulated by man the water was, the more beautiful the crystals were.

The most surprising and amazing thing came when Emoto subjected the water to classical music auditions, traditional songs, heavy metal, and other types of music, and also to different words: love, gratitude, or insults and angry words.


Thank you                      I´m gonna kill you

I can imagine his fascination when he saw the results: when played beautiful music and kind words, the water crystalised in shapes that appeared like jewels, with star-shaped figures, diamond-like formations, with bright colours, white, golden...

However, the water that received insults, phrases like "I´m gonna kill you", or Heavy Metal music, presented ugly, shapeless forms.

Even the water that came from a reservoir on an industrialised area of Japan, with a nasty shape, changed and turned beautiful when told words of gratitude. Emoto even tried the effect of a prayer on contaminated waters... the structure changed to turn into a precious jewel!

Water treated with essential oils from flowers... took the shape of the original flower where the oil came from! If treated with chamomile, the water would take the shape of a daisy!

Needless to say that if words do that to water... what effect will they have on us, when our bodies are 70% water!

Dr Emoto travels the world giving conferences about his discovery, especially at schools where the children receive the message of the importance of unity, love and respect. Even if what Emoto is doing didn´t have any scientific evidence at all, or if it turned out not to be true, the message that he is putting into children´s minds and hearts would be of immense importance for their education, and therefore, for the future of this planet, which depends solely on them.

Emoto also celebrates events in different places around the world, where we can find waters with special qualities. During the ceremony to send Love and Gratitude, celebrated in 2003 at the Sea of Galilea, Israel, several religious leaders approached Emoto and told him: "What you are doing is something wonderful. This is what will save the Universe if we are all capable of sharing it".

Wise words. May the whole world comprehend the significance of Masaru Emoto´s message, and may they start practising it. In my opinion, it doesn´t really matter if his discovery is rigorous or not. People think, react, and act in consequence. For me, that´s the most important thing about Emoto´s work.

He will probably have many detractors already. People who seem to enjoy breaking everyone´s dreams, even if they are only dreams. But... isn´t it worth the while to have an illusion that makes you be a better person?

Yes, I´m sure Emoto gets paid for his conferences, but his message is doing a lot of good to many people. (By the way, I´ve always been puzzled by people who critisize good-doers who try to make a living as well, as if they could leave on air).

What he does is much more praiseworthy than those cinical, cold pseudo-scientists who love to ridicule those who don´t belong to their "don´t see, don´t believe" sect. In this life we have to go further than "scientifically proven facts", mainly because the history of science has been a continuous proving themselves wrong with new discoveries that were previously classified as "impossible".

In my humble opinion, science is undoubtedly essential, but many a time it is excessively conceited.

As Emoto says: "If you project a light over those around you, with the words you use, you´ll never have to walk in darkness again".

I´m not going to say more. See it for yourselves, and get your conclusions. For me, this is something magical and spiritual, and I would love to believe it´s true.


Thanking the Water

Film about Emoto´s discovery