Test Dosha
 Find out what your Dosha is






Ayurvedic Test to find out your Dosha

I am: At this moment I have a problem with:
A · Flexible and optimistic. A · Excessive dryness, rough skin, dark spots.
B · Practical and ambitious. B · Excessive transpiration, premature wrinkles, eccemas.
C · Calm & pacific. C · Excess oil, liquid retention, weight gain.
My appetite is: My physical activity is:
A · Variable. A · Active and very varied.
B · I´ve got good appetite. B · Moderate and effective.
C · Frequent. C · Slow and controlled.
My skin tends to: My digestion is:
A · Dehydration. A · Irregular.
B · Sensitivity, slightly oily. B · Fast.
C · Excess sebum, acne and spots. C · Slow.
My hair is: My sleep is:
A · Dry, fine. A · Short and with interruptions.
B · Soft, fine,  premature white hairs. B · Moderated.
C · Thick, oily, strong. C · Deep and long.
My skin is sensitive to: My nails are:
A · Wind, cold and dry climate. A · Dry. brittle.
B · Heat and sun. B · Soft, medium size, pink.
C · Cold and humidity. C · Thick, soft and strong.
Under pressure I tend to: I feel:
A · Anxiety, insomnia. hysteria  A · Older than my age.
B · Frustration. rage, jealousy  B · Adult.
C · Depresion. apathy, lethargy C · Young but grown-up.

Result: Don´t worry if some answers don´t apply to you at all. Just add up the majority of answers of type A, B, or C.

Add up all the As, Bs, and Cs.
Majority of As: Dosha VATA -  Element: Air and Space
Majority of Bs: Dosha PITTA - Element: Fire 
Majority of Cs: Dosha KAFFA - Element: Earth and Water 

Beauty Veda advices you to complement your treatments with an adequate and balanced diet, breathing, rest, and meditation.